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How Dumbasses Enable The Jackasses.......
If there was ever a clear case of just how Dumbasses enable Jackasses, and both work together to usurp Individual Liberty, todays court decision on ObamaCare is the classic example. Chief Justice Roberts, in true Earle Warren tradition, upheld ALL aspects of ObamaCare, clearly showing that one cannot ever think that the 'so called' conservative majority has the courts under control.

I've said this before, and I'll say it until I am blue in the face: the two most important things the Right MUST do is 1) retake control of the education system, and 2) pack the courts with Constitutionalists. Without both of these things being returned to the people, there is ZERO chance of maintaining our liberties in the long run.

The more I hear that stupid Hannity commercial where he is reminded of how he should be ashamed of Bush, and he comes back with all those "I appologize for........blah, blah, blah", yet leaves out the "Big Government", and "irresponsible spending" part, the more I want to pick up a gun and shoot that loud mouth, McCain loving, GOP fawning piece of manure.

And here is exactly why I LOVE Beck. He and Jason Williams, along with Boortz, are perhaps the only ones who 'Get It' on radio. I agree almost totally with Beck on practically everything, with the exception of our foreign policy, but our being broke will naturally solve that one.

Beck is Right On here. The GOP is Shit IMO. They simply cannot be counted upon for anything requiring moral courage, balls, guts, or whatever you may want to call it. And you can absolutely count on one thing here: ObamaCare is NEVER going to be overturned, because the GOP hasn't got the guts to follow through with their promise. Oh, they will 'wax poetic', wring their hands and swear before G-d that they are going to take care of all this. But perhaps Bill would like to place a little wager with me on whether this will ever come to fruition.

Well, mark my words: they aren't going to change anything, because that required integrity, honesty, and above all courage.

Does anyone doubt me here?
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