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How Dumbasses Enable The Jackasses.......
Hmmm... Constantly expanding government? What did Ron just say to you? McCain would not have expanded government the way Obama has. McCain is an idiot as far as I am concerned - but not in the same class with an avowed socialist who wants to turn the U.S. into a non-Constitutional European feudal state with Sharia Law. And there is certainly nothing wrong with having Palin ready to take the reins to correct anything that McCain allowed through. Remember - with Obama came the proverbial coat tails and the votes in the Senate and House to carry out his agenda, as well as the damage to the Supreme Court.

You do understand that your votes for Obama is what is constantly expanding government and expanding expenses. Don't blame McCain for that. It is worse than Obama still blaming Bush for what he does. McCain may have been bad. He may not - but we'll never know, because we are stuck with Obama, and Axelrod, Jarrett, David Plouffe, Clinton, Geithner, Panetta, Holder, Salazar, Vilsack, Brison, Solis, Sebelius, Donovan, LaHood, Steven Chu, Donovan, Shinseki, Napolitano, Carol Browner, Van Jones, and all the other extremists... Not to mention Kagan and Sotomayor who will sit for about thirty years in the Supreme Court.

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