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How Dumbasses Enable The Jackasses.......
Here is just one more reason why I am totally vindicated in not voting for that Idiot McCain. Telling us all that his favorite president was Teddy Roosevelt was not a fluke.

Here we are in the middle of a total fiscal, and monetary, meltdown. Yet this idiot(and I'm being charitable), along with his good buddy Harry Reid, want to make government even larger, in hopes of making a sleezy profession appear to be less sleezy.

Quote:Sen. John McCain, R-Ariz., who boxed while at the U.S. Naval Academy, and Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, D-Nev., a former middleweight boxer, are pushing the measure establishing the U.S. Boxing Commission, an entity that would carry out federal boxing law, work with the industry and local commissions and license boxers, promoters, managers and sanctioning organizations.

Speaking on the Senate floor, McCain evoked the words of former sportswriter Jimmy Cannon, who called boxing the "red light district of sports." He said the recent dispute stemming from the welterweight bout between Bradley and Pacquiao "is the latest example of the legitimate distrust boxing fans have for the integrity of the sport."

Clearly McDoofus is not playing with a 'full deck' and now I know better as to why. He used to be a boxer, Before getting his head constantly bashed in at the Hanoi Hilton.
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