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How Dumbasses Enable The Jackasses.......
Again, you over-simplified the problem to make an inapt analogy. The password is safe when it is an individual one that is hard to guess, because it can be stolen out of the password database at the other end. No matter what password you pick, it can't be used unless the place you are using it already has it. If you use the same password for multiple uses, and it is stolen one time, it can be used everywhere you used it.

You cannot avoid the mud, if that is where the pigs in power reside. The sty will be yucky - but you can't control the porkers from the clean side of the farm. It makes zero sense to say you may as well vote for Obama rather than fight for your issues where you can. Everyone admits it is not easy, but so what? Life is not fair and it has never been easy. Your shortcut to happiness just makes things worse. It is foolish to pretend that everyone who is not Ron Paul or Bob Barr is your enemy. If you sat down with Mitt Romney, or Santorum, or Gingrich, do you believe you could convince them to look at issues in the way you see them? I do. But it depends on how well you can defend your arguments and positively influence individuals with a boatload of incorrect preconceived notions. Not being willing to try says more about you than the people you refuse to work with.

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