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How Dumbasses Enable The Jackasses.......
Good analogy - but off. The good guy still does what he must to save the victim - not feel smug that he put down his gun and walked away - leaving the victim in the clutches of the bad guy.

If it was me, I'd think about shooting through the victim to rob the perp of his shield and disarm him. The trick is to shoot the victim in a non-life threatening place that will impact the bad guy. This is so prevalent a strategy, that computer gaming awards points for doing so - but subtracts points for shooting the victim without hitting the bad guy.

Of course we work to straighten-out the party - but not first, before you are willing to participate. We do it AS we are participating. That increases our leverage and helps put our own agents in place of the bad.

John, you cannot do this without getting your hands dirty. The dwellers in high places have created a structure that requires massive work before a small change is made. In Indiana, the Democrats had a system that required a lot of grunt work to get petitions to file for candidates. They took the easy path and felt since they were in power they could take a short cut and use voter fraud to get their candidate into office. They were in power - but the law should have prevented what they did, anyway. We need the boots on the ground to engage in these small battles before the war is won by default.

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