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How Dumbasses Enable The Jackasses.......
(04-04-2012, 01:49 PM)WmLambert Wrote: Yes, you will be guilty of putting Obama in office again and seeing the demise of our country. It is easy to look for and hand-pick those who agree with a wrong idea, but harder to admit the fallacy inherent in one's actions.

It is too important an issue to allow the country to implode.

History is full of facts, but how a person interprets them makes all the difference. One thing that is indisputable, is that incumbents have created a mechanism that so favors them, that you must play by their rules to defeat them. Thinking you can boycott the system to shun them is very Amish - but not likely. Yes, you can feel smug in being internally consistent, but that is the worst kind of navel-gazing.

We have a call to action that is resisted by a purposeful strategy by the other side that consists primarily of dividing to conquer. Not only do you refuse to do the hard work of sausage-making to get at the problem, you are happy to keep your hands clean, while the rest of us are bloody up to the elbows. Do what you will, but stop acting ascendant, because you are following a game-plan that helps the other side.

Yes, the GOP leadership does not do everything we want them to do. Some things are moot - some things are downright wrong. The plan is to force them to get it right. Fleeing a sinking ship does not fix things, when your island of rescue is a desert island that will kill you anyway.

The same thing as the one used in suspense movies, where the Good Guy is chasing the Bad Guy, and as he closes in, the Bad Guy grabs an innocent child/woman, places a gun to his/her head and blurts out, "Stay back or I will shoot this innocent person, and if I do, it will be your fault."

Great logic Bill. Too bad I don't buy it. If you want me to vote for someone I can hang my ideological hat on, then help get that sorry, worthless party straightened out first.

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