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How Dumbasses Enable The Jackasses.......
You are wrong. The GOP does have enablers, as does the Democrats, themselves, and the media. So what? There are also good people in both parties and in the media, who are outflanked and out maneuvered by those in power who are propped up by a complicit media. You continually throw out the baby with the bath water with a wide attack on everyone, because the system is rigged against the ones with the best answers. Get over it, The battle is to enhance the position of those who think as we do, even though they are not yet in the best position to succeed.

Yes, we must point out the errors of the stodgy elites who fear their own shadows to retain power - but never lose sight of the goal to lift up those with the true vision to lead. Michelle Bachmann and her like have never been stronger - but still are not in charge. Do you want them to rise to the top in a party that has lost all its power? How does that help us?

Strategic thinking is as lost an art as is Classic Liberalism. The ideas are right, but the proper way to uplift them to the public is lacking. I dunno... I read history, and have lived through enough of it to see us repeating the same things that gave the Democrats their power. Stalin, Mussolini, Hitler, Mao, Castro, Saddam, Obama and others rose to the top as charismatic leaders who only followed the faith of pragmatism. Some Charismatic leaders, like Reagan, held strong to philosophical fundamentals and rose to the top. The problem now is that a complicit media can squash charisma before it can ascend. It uses noise in the system - and cries that all GOP are feckless losers are what they depend on to do their hatchet work.

When Boehner trumps Bachmann, it is because he sees a fragmented base behind her and therefore doesn't fear it. He can always see a lock-step media that will give him the confidence to err. If you want to support goodness and light - be a GOP supporter who PREFERS the ones we want and disagrees with the ones we don't. The Democrats have done that for eighty years - I call it the wink and nod. They all know the only way to cling to power as a minority of the population is to ignore their difference and form a collective of dissimilar parts that can outvote a majority of fragmented individuals. The extreme environmentalists will vote for Obama if he ignores their demands, because they believe he is still their best chance to keep the power and work from within to change his mind. He may be a lost cause - but they don't care. They understand that the only way they will ever succeed is if the party endures.

They succeed as our strongest thinkers have too much pride to think strategically. "My way or the highway" does not work. It turns a society into nomads. Work from within is the best strategy - but it seems too elusive for far too many to accept.

You came to a wrong decision 15 years ago, and have formed scar tissue around the thought. Far from me being the myopic one - I see the GOP for what it is and see it must be changed. You ignore it as a pest and don't even attempt the hard job of uplifting it into something we can be proud of.

Clinton won the Presidency with only 43% of the vote, because Ross Perot pulled 19%. What has Nader ever pulled? 3%? The lesson is obvious. We need better candidates and the better candidates need to be propped up against a Democrat-leaning media. You want the Michelle Bachmanns or the Gary Johnsons to win nominations? then the grassroots must be there for them. Throwing a snit and sitting out the small skirmishes is what loses the big battles.

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