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How Dumbasses Enable The Jackasses.......
Having seen part one of Atlas Shrugged, rereading the book, and also reading book six of the Sword of Truth series, it is evident that the masses will always believe what they are told. The liars first accept the lie then spread it. They will minimize the personal rewards that drive them to push the lies, but they will get behind them and push until the lies are accepted.

Competing against stupidity and avarice with truth seems a losing proposition most of the time. Ayn Rand said that for truth to prosper, the lie must be exposed for what it is - usually long after any easy solution can fix things. Whether it is Rand's looters who see the light only after their faces are rubbed in the cost of their stupidity, or Terry Goodkind's Imperial Order that says good-sounding things to gain acceptance, unless defeated militarily - it is the same battle we see every day.

Stupid things can always be re-described in terms that obscure and disguise, lending strength to its existence. It is the job of journalists to see through this and set things right. It was the corruptive machinations of John Dewey who set up our eduction system, and by extension, new journalism. He believed Marx and Engels before Stalin proved them wrong - and embedded redistribution and class warfare into our learning system. What we see today is the evil result of that initial plan. The only fix comes after our collective faces are rubbed in it and the education is changed.

We are not there yet, but must extend ourselves to repeat, seemingly endlessly, the truth that will stand after the brainwashed see the light. It is too easy to blame the "inbetweeners" who don't have all the answer - but at least know something is wrong. Many push the lie, some nibble around the edges, and some see the truth and try to balance the rest. It is an unending struggle that should not be sloughed off as impossible or vain.

Argue the truth where it will do the most good to be seen. Try to change the hearts and minds of those who have the pulpit but don't quite get the drift yet. Condemning them may vent your spleen but does little in the actual battle.

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