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Exxon is kinda sorry it made $11B this quarter
The cartoon above is a great example of what is wrong with the thinking of the majority of Americans, and "Q" as well. If you will note, there is no picture of the politicians, who are stuffing all the campaign money, special trips, or other perks, that Big Businesses, of which Big Oil is but one of many, into their campaign war chests, or back pockets. the picture does not show just how much of that money in the wheelbarrows is actually going to go to them, After The Fact.

And that is the Real Rub. The Real Rub is that the true villains are the politicians, who are playing the big businesses for all the goodies they can muster. And naturally the big businesses go along. But make no mistake, were it not for politicians initiating, or demanding this game, it would not be happening.

So thank you "Q" for showing us just how intellectually myopic you are, and how myopic the majority of taxpayers are, to allow this relationship, and concentrate on the lesser of the two evils. Whether or not you know it, you are playing your part as Heyoka. Too bad you are not aware of being led around by the nose, by some one who is a far better artist than a wise person. S5
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