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Are Geneva Conventions outdated?
Quote:Murdok posted: My point is what Bush is doing hurts morale, troop readiness and our commitments in other places in the world...this is damaging.
I've been giving this some thought - especially after reading so many tearful testimonials and gleeful rants celebrating Reagan's passing. The parallels are quite evident. Reagan was smeared as being stupid, limited, too easy-going, too reliant on his staff - who supposedly actually ran him and told him what to think. Al Martin actually wet himself on the air, he was so happy that Reagan died. Ted Rall is sure that he is turning a "crispy brown," but he thought the same thing about Pat Tillman. "...Anyone who voluntarily goes to Afghanistan or Iraq [as a soldier] is fighting for an evil cause under an evil commander in chief."

It occurs to me that the people who actually knew Ronald Reagan loved him with a passion. It is also true that almost all political opponents underestimated him. Almost every politician of his era made statements about Reagan that were flat-out wrong. You can't listen to any of them without the obligatory remarks about a doddering old man who needed to take naps during the day, and never had a clue what was going on. They never realized Reagan was a tough negotiator from his days as President of the Screen Actor's Guild, right up through Governor of California and President. If he was never prepared and couldn't make up his own mind without help, why did he win all those negotiations? And his history is one of constant wins at every negotiation he was ever in. I recall specific University professors who were so stupid and egotistical they could never comprehend losing a debate with him. But they lost - yet never figured out how. They assumed not having or taking notes meant he wasn't prepared, and said so to their friend in order to save face. They also thought that gave them license to lie and sex up their reports, because he had no apparent way to know they were lying, or ability to call them to account for lying later. What they didn't know was he had a photographic memory - and by constant agreement by his staff - he was always prepared. How did they get it so wrong? And why were they so self-involved that they couldn't equate their own lying in meetings to the meetings being shut down and them getting thrown out? Patti Davis was estranged after one of her favorite ultra-liberal professors went to such a meeting with plans of out-debating a doddering old fool who was unprepared - but when Reagan caught her in a series of lies she was tossed out on her ear. She told Patti her old man was too stupid to argue with, and Patti chose to believe her new elitist friends rather than her own father. It's funny that her step-brother Michael saw the same father, but understood what the liars were trying to do against him. He had the same stack of facts that Patti had, but came up with a whole different stack of conclusions than she did. Now, they were the ulimate insiders. Makes you wonder why "useful idiots" make such assinine statements as if they were insiders when they have no way of knowing what they are sure is true - and especially when their statement is designed to hurt the country and the man running it.

Same thing with Bush. The ones who are constantly belittling him don't understand they only diminsh themselves. The downright meanness of their constant tirades against him are at best based only on opinion. And not from their own opinion, but from the incorrect egotisitical rants of those political opponents who are flat-out wrong and don't know it.

Just like John Kerry, Walter Cronkite, and Jane Fonda during the Vietnam War - if they hadn't been "useful idiots" and said untrue things, the war would have been over after the Tet Offensive when General Giap wanted to surrender. That is not conjecture on my part. It is the admission of General Giap, himself, and for the life of me, I cannot understand anyone who argues against it. The anti-war protestrors may have had the best intentions - but they caused the deaths of all those who died after the proposed Giap surrender when only 10,000 had died. Lay those 48,000 additional deaths directly on the altar of their egos.

Reagan weathered his "useful idiots," and his legacy will far outlive them.

Bush's "useful idiuots" are following the exact same game plan. Right or wrong, their only goal is to win power for themselves and their party. They screamed about the thoudsands of body bags that would be needed if we went after the Republican Guard on their own turf. Didn't happen. Every report of the shooting war that was made to sound like disaster was right around the corner was wrong. They screamed that Bush used the term "imminent threat" as a come-on to brainwash them - yet, he never did. They said he was after oil price concessions to help his candidacy, yet when prices went up, they blamed him for not trying to broker any deals. These hate-filled ideas tend to originate with the leaders of the Democrat party, then percolate through Gore, Dean, Pelosi, and all their talking heads. If you pay attention, you can track the carefully crafted clichés and spin terms as they come from the spin doctors and make their way across the Sunday morning magazine shows.

It really makes me laugh when these lemmings call Conservatives, "Dittoheads!" They don't even know the term refers to a woman who thanked Rush for voicing some of the thoughts and convictions she had held for so many years. The next speaker up said, "Ditto what that lady said, thanks for voicing what we already think." It was strictly a short-hand way of minimizing gratuitous compliments. The person says. "Dittos from New Jersey," and launches immediately into their reason for calling. Nothing to do with mind-numbed aquiescence. By contrast, when Terry McAulliffe or James Carville takes a focus group and crafts an attack strategy based on pure speculation and disinformation - these liberals repeat their emotionally-laden agenda blindly and act exactly like the lemmings they try to portray others as being.

So when you say, "[Bush] hurts morale, troop readiness and our commitments in other places in the world," it is not Bush who has done that. Without the McAulliffe/Dean/Kennedy/Kerry-incited rants against him, there would be little discord.

Put the blame where it lies. Those who are "useful idiots" deserve the full blame. Not Reagan. Not Bush.

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