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Daylight Robbery from Iraq War
A review of the excessive corruption of the Bush administration, wasting dozends of billions of tax $ in the Iraq war alone, billions that disappeared without a trace. While decent American soldiers put their lifes on the line to defend freedom far from home, individuals with no qualification other than being close friends or business relationships of Bush & Cheney made more money than the pay of all American soldiers in Iraq combined, in fact, each single one of those close friends of Bush did. Is not the very first liability of a Republican administration to spend taxpayers money in a responsible way, in fact, not to spend it at all but to return it to the taxpayer himself who knows best what to do with his money? Did you know that Haliburton charged an average of $35 for each meal served to your troops, and did you ever ask what in hell a petroleum company has got to do with provisions?
"You know, Paul, Reagan proved that deficits don't matter." Dick Cheney

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