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IDF Commandos Raid Lebanese Hospital

It would not be a collosal mistake to kill or deport all Arabs as far away as is necessary(option left strictly to the Arab) to provide safety for the people of the state of Israel.

That's simple common sense our forefathers exercised and King David exercised,it's why we get to talk about how mean we were to Indians instead of having to mourn our kid's funerals where they were scalped.

Screw the opinions of people that hate Jews or Christians,I wouldn't care about them. Personally,I think the day is looming when we are either going to be like King David and Andrew Jackson or get on our knees to Islam.

I prefer option A. I relish the thought of option A,today we're flirting with the option B program and it makes me sad.

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[No subject] - by Palladin - 10-19-2006, 03:48 PM

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