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We'll bomb you to Stone Age, US told Pakistan
Anonymous24 Wrote:My question is, why in God's name is Musharraf claiming these things in his book? Why did he write a book about how America bullied him into doing what it wants? Why was he on the Daily Show?

What does Stratfor think of this?
I have been wondering about these very same things, Anon. Not sure what else he said in the book, but could it be that he is restating that he was sort of bullied into cooperation, whether it actually happened or not, in order to try to at least somewhat pacify his more radical islamic political opponents and radical muslim terrorist types within Pakistan?

This is just a guess on my part as to his motivation for the claims of being bullied by the US. But maybe if his radical islamic enemies were led to believe that the main reason he went along with the US was to prevent a potential massive destruction taking place in Pakistan, maybe they would be less inclined to rise up against him and overthrow him for cooperating with the "infidels"?

Again, just a guess.

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