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Background on the Historical Jihad
First of all true Moslems won't accept suicide as an act of Moslem, and will believe that no matter what circumstance for committing suicide is, the person committing suicide will go to hell.

As far as your comments about Shite, it contains as much fact as your other comments :lol:

Shia and Shite are the same Moslem sect.

About Amal from Wikipedia
Quote:Amal movement (Arabic: abbreviation of أفواج المقاومة اللبنانية transliterated: Afwaj Al-mukawma l-Lubnaniyya, or just حركة أمل; transliterated:Harakat Amal= "Amal" movement) is short for the Lebanese Resistance Detachments.[1] Amal became one of the most important Shi'ite Muslim militias during the Lebanese Civil War. Amal grew strong through its close ties with the Islamic regime of Iran, and the 300,000 Shi'i internal refugees from southern Lebanon after the Israeli bombings in the early 1980s. At its greatest the militia had 14,000 troops. Amal is also an Arabic noun, meaning "hope."

Amal's historical objectives are to achieve greater respect for Lebanon's Shi'ite population and to get a larger percentage of resources allocated to the Shi'ite-dominated southern part of the country.

Amal fought a long campaign against Palestinian refugees in the Lebanese Civil War called the War of the Camps. After the War of the Camps, Amal fought a bloody battle against its fellow Shi'a group Hezbollah for Beirut. This battle ended with massive Syrian intervention.

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