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Israel-Palestine Treaty
The proposed deal looks very good, and promises Palestinians a great future. It gives them four years to prove their intentions, which includes stopping terrorism.

What needs to be done, though, is much harder. The Palestinian schools teach a history that never existed, which erases Israel from any maps, Their children grow into adults with no knowledge of the world. They are products of an evilly-designed system that brooks no rational thought. Mahmoud Abbas may sign the deal, but the people are not prepared to accept it. As sad as it is, I doubt much can come from this attempt.

Coming from the school of hard knocks, Trump is sure to offer Abbas personal reward for looking at the treaty, as well as penalties for blocking it. Time will tell.

The Palestinians did not participate in crafting the deal, claiming the Jerusalem embassy made it a non-starter. This is a true example of cutting off your nose to spite your face.

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