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Bill to Snuff Out a Baby's Life During Birth
(01-31-2019, 02:25 PM)Canuknucklehead Wrote: Virginia House Majority Leader Discusses Democrat Bill to Snuff Out a Baby’s Life During Birth (VIDEO)

One way of quickly bringing an end to this is for the mother to be charged as an accessory to murder, federal law trumps state law.

No, it doesn't. The Constitution limits  Federal Law. State Law is sovereign. Clinton tried to change that and got roasted for it.

Clinton's Executive Order 13083 compared to Reagan's 12612 can be found here.

Check out Sec. 2 (a), 2 (b), 2 © wherein Clinton attempts to raise the Federal government to sovereign status: "The Constitution created a Federal government of SUPREME, but limited, powers. The sovereign powers not granted to the Federal Government are reserved to the people or to the States..."

In contrast, Reagan actually said the sovereignty resides with the people who delegated enumerated governmental powers to the national government.

Notice that Reagan's 2 (g) and 2 (i) were deleted.

EO 13083 would have justified federal intervention in any issue for any reason. There is simply no other reasonable way of interpreting it. It would have reduced state and local government to, at best, advisory status. I say, "at best" because Clinton didn't even bother to consult with state and local officials before issuing EO 13083.

Until the political pressure rose, Clinton was even proud of what he had done. Within months, Paul Begala was boasting of how Clinton would step up use of the executive order as a tool of governing, going over the heads of Congress. "Stroke of the pen, law of the land," Begala said. "Kinda cool."

13083 was reversed. The effort to subvert the Constitution via Executive Order was an inspiration to Obama.

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