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World's Greatest Mysteries(Stone Softening........)
Having been submerged in History, Archaeology, and Anthropology, almost all of my academic life, you would think that I would have been delving on this archaeological mystery, that is out front for all to see, all over the world, but still not properly explained.  For some reason I always wondered about it, but moved on to other topics that caught my attention.  

But I am now intrigued about this thing.  I have a YouTube account, which automatically sets up a page dealing with all of my subscriptions and topics I find interesting.  Well today one of my recommended videos to watch happened to be this one:

Megalithic Softening of Stone Part 1

Suddenly I was enchanted because I had skipped over it for decades and always put it on the back burner.  But this video had no Graham Hancock, Ancient Aliens, or whatever in the video.  Just a straight forward question: "How were the ancients able to do almost impossible stone work that we can only admire and wonder how.................

Here's Part II of the videos, which is also very good, and quietly asks us to apply our logic to something that seems so impossible.

Megalithic Softening of Stone Part 2

How in the devil was this possible?  One of the pages I went to mentioned the art of using plant extracts that could make the rocks softer and easier to manipulate.  But naturally today's technology knows nothing about how this would be done.  And yet it seems to have been practiced around the world prior to written languages.  

[Image: no-space-between-the-blocks.jpg]
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