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Google my glass
Google Glass opposition

The fear is out there. However; there is no such right in the Constitution as Privacy. It is a made-up privilege that protects evil-doers who prefer not to be tagged with their actions. Many of us prefer not to be scrutinized by anyone who can make our actions look bad, but in general, the crime lies in the doing - not in the discovery of it. Invasion of privacy as a legal action is okay if it falls under the scope of property rights - but allowing a pedophile or rapist to get off because he does his crimes under the guise of "privacy" makes no sense. Otherwise, anything we can see with our own eyes would be inadmissible in court, as well.

Like owning a gun, the gun, itself, and its potential is not what should be branded as illegal - but the actions taken with it. If you use it to protect yourself or others, it is good. If you use it criminally - it is not.

i would like to have such a thing as a super-user-friendly computer that allows me to be more than I could be without it. That also goes for implanted chips that would assist at memory storage and retrieval, and communication. It would be handy to have something that can come up with complex math information or encyclopedic facts when needed. The start will surely be as aids for the disabled. How about that artificial eye that David Weber gave Honor Harrington; an eye that can see in the dark, telescopically, and microscopically?

Personally, I would like to have a recorded backup of what I see and hear - both for my own use, and for those rare moments when someone remembers things differently than I do, and the difference is important. I wouldn't require it to prove that I'm right and they're wrong - but having that to prove to myself that I'm not mistaken in something would be useful.

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