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Exxon is kinda sorry it made $11B this quarter
(05-03-2011, 03:59 AM)quadrat Wrote: 150 bln gallons of gasoline are sold per year in the us, and exxon isn't even no. 1 on the market. your figure is agenda-driven crap.
a great contributor to charity is exxon, though. they donated $ 6.6 million to environmental and social issues in 2007, and made $40.61 bln the same year in profits. seems not to work to waive taxes, and to hope to gain more out of the sheer goodness of the hearts of rich folks.

Profits don't end up in a void, but are used to reinvest (directly within Exxon, or indirectly through reinvested dividends/etc.) and to consume. To get a correct figure on charity you need to consider how much of the dividend/etc. is spend on charity by investors, and the positive impact of investments on future charity through an increase in profits.

A firm is just a shell that performs a function.

And a note on profit figures: don't look at absolute numbers but at margins. Gasoline is often one of the least profitable areas for these firms. The large absolute profit figures just draw a lot of attention.

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