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Suggestions for Dealing With NK Short of War
Democrats are running around talking tough,but anyone with a brain knows they aren't tough. Let Bush suggest this and they will flee to Kim's side like they have jihadis. "It is "Bush's fault" Kim acts as he does,same ole same ole.

Exceptions? Hillary Clinton possibly.

Well, we might be premature in getting excited about NK nuclear test,
per The Washington Times it could have been Less Than Claimed

U.S. doubts Korean test was nuclear
By Bill Gertz
October 10, 2006

US ambassador to the United Nations John Bolton walks past reporters yesterday on his way to a Security Council meeting at U.N. headquarters.
U.S. intelligence agencies say, based on preliminary indications, that North Korea did not produce its first nuclear blast yesterday.
U.S. officials, speaking on the condition of anonymity, said that seismic readings show that the conventional high explosives used to create a chain reaction in a plutonium-based device went off, but that the blast's readings were shy of a typical nuclear detonation.
"We're still evaluating the data, and as more data comes in, we hope to develop a clearer picture," said one official familiar with intelligence reports.
"There was a seismic event that registered about 4 on the Richter scale, but it still isn't clear if it was a nuclear test. You can get that kind of seismic reading from high explosives."
The underground explosion, which Pyongyang dubbed a historic nuclear test, is thought to have been the equivalent of several hundred tons of TNT, far short of the several thousand tons of TNT, or kilotons, that are signs of a nuclear blast, the official said.
The official said that so far, "it appears there was more fizz than pop."
A successful nuclear detonation requires a properly timed and triggered conventional blast that splits atoms, setting off the nuclear chain reaction that produces the massive explosions associated with atomic bombs.
White House spokesman Tony Snow said assessing the validity of North Korea's claim of a successful nuclear test could take several days.
"We need to find out precisely what it is that took place yesterday, and that is something that's going to take awhile for the scientists and others to work through," Mr. Snow said.
"Nobody could give me with any precision how long it will take until they can say with certainty what happened."

The rest of the story at:

I think it may have been a conventional fake myself. Just for the sake of discussing policy options though,the initial post is a starter if it was nuclear.

I don't think Democrats would support that policy because it likely will lead to a serious threat of war.
Well, if all those non-warring alternatives (some of which are minor acts of war, or triggers to possible war) are short of the all-out war that the author expects otherwise, even a very small amount of war is better than a huge amount of war. One of the usually neglected criteria of the impossible "Just War Theory" is that war is resorted to only after all other strenuous attempts to keep the peace have truly been exhausted.

Most Democratic politicians aren't really pacifists; they prefer limited warfare to an all-out war, or they prefer carefully planned surgical attacks to a land invasion.
I'm often wrong. But I'm not always wrong!
I don't think NK has enough money to build a real one. If they couldn't set a real one off this time, that means that can't set one off, period. I doubt they would be afraid of being 'too threatening'.

The whole ting is just an attempt to get money, which they apparently *desperately* need.

Yes they have the money to build a handful of warheads. They cost less than the missles NK has been shooting over Japan the last several years.

How expensive do you think it is to run a reactor your tax dollar built? Are you people aware that's what your hero Clinton did? He built them a reactor and the deal was he would not use it for this purpose.

It's a bribery scheme gone bad. Instead of a drug deal gone bad.

Secular History shows us this is a false desire of mankind at many times of our existence. The Bible has several stories portraying the Israelis who were devoid of God's thinking(due to their own negative view of His Word) thinking like this. Invariably,they ended up getting massacred.

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