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Cartoon search
Here's my predicament. One of my favorite comic strips is also the longest running atrip in the papers. I've found most of my favorites, such as this one:

[Image: 20091102wne_s_web.jpg]

I had to go through the archives one at a time to find this one, although I remembered it well. The one I can't find is one that has Willy explaining to Ethel how he outsmarted the expensive gas stations by putting the car up on blocks to run out all the expensive gas so he can fill it with cheaper gas.  To search for it, I've looked at dates where gas price was a factor in the news, but have come up dry. Any one have a helping hand at finding this strip?
Does the comic strip have a name?
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(12-06-2018, 07:53 PM)John L Wrote: Does the comic strip have a name?

Willy 'n Ethel. One archive here: But this is for five years out of 30-some years.
I always liked The Lockhorns comic strip, which has wide appeal to anyone who has ever been through a divorce.

.gif   LockhornsDepreciationOnWife.gif (Size: 25.06 KB / Downloads: 7)    
.gif   LockhornsNeverSayCorrectMeIfImWrong.gif (Size: 45.59 KB / Downloads: 4)

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