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Franken closer - WmLambert - 06-30-2009

There must be something missing from this chain of logic:
Breitbart Wrote:Coleman's appeal hinged largely on whether thousands of absentee votes had been unfairly rejected by local election officials around the state.

The unanimous court wrote that "because the legislature established absentee voting as an optional method of voting, voters choosing to use that method are required to comply with the statutory provisions."

They went on to say that "because strict compliance with the statutory requirements for absentee voting is, and always has been required, there is no basis on which voters could have reasonably believed that anything less than strict compliance would suffice."

Is this saying that votes were not counted because of some strict compliance - because this does not say that. Coleman said "unfairly rejected" which does not mean "contrary to strict compliance."

- John L - 06-30-2009

Republicans had better learn how to eliminate the "Stupid" from their personae: but more importantly the "Gutless" part as well.

I'm conjuring, in my mind, a large elephant, being run over by a steamroller, with a Jackass at the wheel. Am I guilty of fantasizing here? Or am I 'spot' on?

- WmLambert - 06-30-2009

Better info here.