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US to interrogators in Iraq - FIND evidence on Iran - stroll - 11-20-2007

Quote:Iraqi fighters 'grilled for evidence on Iran'

Interrogator says US military seeks evidence incriminating Tehran

US military officials are putting huge pressure on interrogators who question Iraqi insurgents to find incriminating evidence pointing to Iran, it was claimed last night.
Brose, 30, who extracts information from detainees in Iraq, said: 'They push a lot for us to establish a link with Iran. They have pre-categories for us to go through, and by the sheer volume of categories there's clearly a lot more for Iran than there is for other stuff. Of all the recent requests I've had, I'd say 60 to 70 per cent are about Iran.'
He denied ever being asked to fabricate evidence, adding: 'We're not asked to manufacture information, we're asked to find it. But if a detainee wants to tell me what I want to hear so he can get out of jail... you know what I'm saying.',,2209036,00.html

Now the National Intelligence Estimate on Iran has been held up for more than a year, the Bush admin is trying to find supporting material for its aggressive stance towards Iran through torture.
I am sure 'evidence' will turn up sooner rather than later. :?
Wasn't the info about those WMD in Iraq which were never found from a detainee who "cracked" under interrogation? [Image: rolleyes.gif]

- Palladin - 11-21-2007


Why wouldn't we do this? Would West Germany not have tasked your agents to question East German agents about East Germany's role in this or that if they had suspected it?

This shows we're not making up stuff. What do you expect them to look for,Sri Lanka's involvement,really?

Check this out,apparently some Iraqis agree,Iran is a troublemaker in Iraq:HERE