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Sheehan and Nobel Peace Prize? - John L - 10-12-2006

If this is true, I am convinced of two things: one, the awards committee is on dope; and two, the anti US/Bush sentiment has reached new heights in Europe.

A POX on ALL of them!

- Fit2BThaied - 10-12-2006

You folks probably know more about Cindy Sheehan than I do. I should know more about the selection process for the Nobel Peace Prize. I don't think there are finalists, publicly. Anybody can be nominated. You never hear who almost wins it.

The prize has gone to former terrorists who never really repented of their terrorism, and to a five star general, a lt. colonel or two, etc., who didn't apologize for waging war. Then there was Henry Kissinger, who accepted the prize, while Le Duc Tho refused it because the peace agreement never worked. I heard that Kathy Kelly was nominated; she didn't win and we don't know if she was a finalist.

- Monsieur Le Tonk - 10-12-2006

Quote:Finnish ex-President Martti Ahtisaari, who secured a peace accord in Indonesia's Aceh province, and veteran peace broker Gareth Evans of Australia are among those tipped to win the Nobel Peace Prize on Friday.

Ethnic Uighur activist Rebiya Kadeer, who accuses Beijing of persecuting Uighur people in northwestern Xinjiang, and Indonesian President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono are also among possible winners of what many see as the world's top accolade.


The bookmakers apparently favour Ahtisaari.

- Fit2BThaied - 10-12-2006

Thanks, Msr. LeTonk, for that link to the Reuters article. So, if that's all correct, the winner will be announced later today (Friday) and there are 191 nominees, all of them secret. So, Ms. Sheehan doesn't know if she's #191 on the list, even.

- Fit2BThaied - 10-13-2006

And the winner is.........Grameen Bank and its founder, of Bangaladesh, for pioneering microcredit loans to poor working women................

Do the macroeconomics professors and pundits even think of such things?

- Palladin - 10-13-2006


Why not Cindy? She works tirelessly for peace.

The award is not for those who concern themselves with such nonsense as human freedom. They gave it to Yasser Arafat for heaven's sake.

- mv - 10-13-2006

Palladin Wrote:They gave it to Yasser Arafat for heaven's sake.

She is indeed more deserving that Arafat. So is Tokyo Rose.

- Palladin - 10-13-2006


Correct. Anyone who desires peace above other virtues is a prime candidate for this award and Cindy prefers peace ahead of anything apparently. I would say Joe Stalin and Adolf Hitler would be excellent candidates in their day as they desired the peace that Mohammad desired for those who opposed him.

Death or slavery.

- eaglestrikes - 10-13-2006

So let it be written, so let it be done.