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Pakistan's Vendetta Rape Culture - Palladin - 10-16-2006

I wonder why Islam has failed to moderate this evil? Isn't Pakistan the land of the "pure"? Or did this start after Islam arrived? The denigration of the female in that religion,IMO,explains how this type of egregious evil can grow and prosper to the point that in 2006,a secular dictator is afraid to touch this with a 10' pole.

The religion of peace alright. The peace of slavery and death.


- John L - 10-16-2006

Sure looks that way.

- Palladin - 10-16-2006

Well,if I were the devil's advocate,I would recount Christendom's evil in 1000 AD. I ain't though.

This is 2006,these people can read,it's difficult to imagine how Islam has failed to remove such culture when the nation is the "land of the pure",the breakway Islamc Republic who were too pure to associate with filthy Indians. Unless within Islam a reasonable human could conclude this is acceptable.