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Misrepresenting The Truth............Be - John L - 06-05-2019

.....Careful of what you see, even on nature movies.  

I had the Glenn Beck Show on a few minutes ago, and he had a zoologist guest, Dr. Susan Crockford, who was discussing how the media can  falsify, or misrepresent, events in order to push a certain agenda.   It was an excellent interview, and caused me to look things up for verification.  And while I am a natural skeptic, this revelation knocked another hole in my respect for science.  From now on I will treat documentaries with more than a grain of salt, because of this interview.  

I'm sure you are all aware of the uproar over the almost certain demise of the Arctic polar bear, and why Global Warming is a danger that must be stopped.  There is a huge industry dedicated to this.  Unfortunately, there are not enough critics, who will point out misconceptions, or outright fraud, coming from this Holier Than Thou profession.  Obviously Dr. Susan Crockford is the leading edge of this important attempt at self-policing their profession.  

I wonder what Sir David Attenborough thinks about his being used for a cause where the final result is more important than the process?  Or better yet, I wonder if Sir David Attenborough even knows that he was being used to push a less than forthcoming commentary?

Netflix, Attenborough and cliff-falling walruses: the making of a false climate icon