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AMD's War With Intel - John L - 01-18-2016

AMD is hopping mad.  They are accusing Inte,l and the benchmarking consortium, BAPCo, of cheating.  

AMD accuses BAPCo and Intel of cheating with Sysmark benchmarks

Quote:AMD threw out a bombshell and accused its rival Intel and BAPCo, the benchmarking consortium, of cheating.

In a video posted Thursday on Youtube, John Hampton, director of AMD’s client computing products, went so far as to refer obliquely to the recent Volkswagen scandal, where the German car manufacturer was accused of cheating on diesel emissions tests. “The recent debacle over a major auto maker provide the perfect illustration as to why the information provided by even the most established organizations can be misleading,” Hampton said.

Intel declined to comment on AMD’s accusation, but when asked BAPCo officials said its customers trusted it.

"The reason thousands of customers trust BAPCo benchmarks is because we are an industry consortium that focuses on the performance of applications that people use on a daily basis," a spokesman for the consortium said.

Why this matters: Performance still matters to consumers and organizations. Third-party benchmarks hold heavy sway over purchasing decisions even if few understand what they measure. AMD asks reasonable questions, but the answers remain murky—even from AMD.

There's really a lot more to this than just what scratches the surface.  Its pretty much a given that Intel manages to keep slightly ahead of AMD on CPRs of equal equivalence.  But one chip maker may be better in one area, and less so in another.  

From a practical point, I usually go with AMD for a couple of reasons.  First, I like the little guy, and wish them well.  But secondly, I can get more bang for my bucks on an AMD machine.  And too, AMD has the GPU graphics angle pretty much down pat.   If you do a lot of graphics work, like Bill does, the AMD shines.  

I never use the latest and greatest computer, because by the time I have had it a few weeks, it is already 'has been', and has cost me big bucks for just that short time.  So I tend to go with a higher "price point" advantage.  And AMD is generally much less expensive than Intel, with only a tiny bit of performance lacking.  

If Intel and BAPCo have been playing Hanky-Panly here, I hope they will be found out, just out of general principle.   Meanwhile, my A8 I am using right now, and the new A10 desktop and A10 laptop I purchased last month are being worked into the mix, with no real problems so far.  And the price for the refurbished units are very, very, good.  I'm happy.

RE: AMD Accuses Intel of Cheating on Benchmarks. - John L - 04-23-2016

And here's more news on AMD's future, which is beginning to really look good. 

How AMD is resurrecting itself as a formidable rival to Intel 
AMD's Zen chips, an x86 licensing strategy, and world-class GPUs could be keys for the company to be the competitor it once was.

Quote:AMD has made some smart moves recently. It decided to cut its reliance on the declining PC market in 2013, something Intel finally acknowledged this week while cutting 12,000 jobs. AMD also has emphasized custom chips and hit paydirt with specialized processors for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.
Quote:AMD is now poised to threaten Intel’s market dominance. Only time will tell if AMD will be successful, but here are some technologies and business decisions AMD is relying on to better compete with Intel.

The article lists a number of areas where AMD is forging ahead.  And as I mentioned above, graphics is the one thing that AMD has all over Intel in spades.  It is going to be very interesting to keep track of both AMD and Intel in the near future just to see who is able to take advantage of this changing market.  

RE: AMD Accuses Intel of Cheating on Benchmarks. - John L - 05-01-2016

Something is definitely going on over at Intel. It is moving out of the desktop market, in order to compete in other markets. But their actions are a bit strange. Here's what I mean.

Intel cuts Atom chips, basically giving up on the smartphone and tablet markets

Quote:Intel could be on the verge of exiting the market for smartphones and standalone tablets, wasting billions of dollars it spent trying to expand in those markets.

The company is immediately canceling Atom chips, code-named Sofia and Broxton, for mobile devices, an Intel spokeswoman confirmed.

These are the first products on the chopping block as part of Intel's plan to reshape operations after announcing plans this month to cut 12,000 jobs.

I sure would like to know what they have on their minds. To throw away all those billions on Atom, and then just drop it, leaves me scratching my head.

RE: AMD Accuses Intel of Cheating on Benchmarks. - John L - 05-06-2016

Here's more news on Intel's major retreat in the field.5 products Intel could cut in its reshuffle

RE: AMD's War With Intel - John L - 02-22-2017

AMD has been tearing up Intel for the last year or so. Now, its cpus are regularly out performing the best of Intel's i7 chips, and at far less price. The little guys are definitely on a Roll. Shock

AMD's Ryzen launches March 2, outperforming Intel's Core i7 at a fraction of the price. Ryzen's 40 percent improvement in instructions per clock turns out to be conservative.