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Another GITMO release and Re-Capture - Palladin - 11-21-2005

While I think everyone else is even MORE delusional,I do not think we can win this war long term. This makes about 20 so far,when will we learn? They should have been EXECUTED a long time ago!


- KenBean - 11-21-2005

That's the whole point, Palladin. So far...we can AFFORD to be lenient, in our laws, our prisons, our punishments, and our forgivenesses.

Please God it shall ever be so.................THAT IS THE DEFINITION OF POWER!!!!!
hopefully the power to do good.

That said...keep looking over your shoulder toward China. She is the test your generation must face.
Best regards

- Palladin - 11-22-2005


Maybe you're wrong and we can't afford it though,you are surmising these people are very weak. I assume the opposite and would conduct myself as such.

If I am wrong,all I did was justice anyway,if you are,here we are once again behind the 8 ball NOT knowing our enemy and paying for it the hard way. we execute our own murderers,how is it we should leave this bunch without justice and often totally without justice?