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Canada's looney left hate this guy - Canuknucklehead - 05-07-2012

Canada's entitlement class called this MP a political sociopath, normal Canadians think he's great.

RE: Canada's looney left hate this guy - John L - 05-07-2012

I wonder what Gommi thinks of him?

Remember, the honest harbinger of bad news is always vilified because he dares to speak the truth, upsetting the joys of false premise.

I love his description of "The indulgence of one, it the burden of another", and he's 100% correct here. Bravo for him. No wonder he is loved and hated by so many.

Quote:To paraphrase Rudyard Kipling:
“In the era of generous government we were promised abundance for all,
By robbing selected Peter to pay for collective Paul;
But, though we had plenty of money, there was nothing our money could buy,
And reality stood up and told us:
if you don’t work you will die.”

RE: Canada's looney left hate this guy - Gommi - 05-08-2012

Canada avoided the worst consequences of the recession precisely because our banks were well regulated by the federal government. It is only when government controls are withdrawn, as they were in the United States, that banks and financial institutions engage in risky and irresponsible behavior.

Pierre Poilievre is a "normal Canadian"? He dishonors the legacy of the United Empire Loyalists!

RE: Canada's looney left hate this guy - quadrat - 05-09-2012

Shame you are understating the destructive effect of private banks on the economy. The government creates money by printing notes for a few cents, and selling them for face value to the private banks. Bank notes account for about 3% of the volume of money. 97% are digital money, created and continued to be created out of thin air by private banks, mainly by lending out money they don't actually have in deposits or own reserves. Austerity measures by governments are pathetic, a drop in the ocean that solves nothing. Destroying the private banks, and have the government have the monopoly to control the money supply solves everything.

RE: Canada's looney left hate this guy - Palladin - 05-15-2012

His viewpoint has dick to do with banks being run by lunatics which American banks are to an extent. That's a separate debate( I think ours might ought to be given over to Canadians to run).

His point is the system created in the 19th century to transfer wealth from productive to unproductive people against the will of the productive is stealing. At least a large minority doesn't appreciate being stolen from.