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Video Thread - Gunnen4u - 06-14-2011

Post entertaining stuff here. This one, S13 I don't even...

RE: Video Thread - Gunnen4u - 06-14-2011

RE: Video Thread - John L - 06-24-2011

for experts.

Where do they come up with some of this stuff?

RE: Video Thread - John L - 06-24-2011

RE: Video Thread - Aurora Moon - 06-25-2011
Quote:Materials mnufacturer Corning put together a futurist video last month called "A Day Made Of Glass," which has spiraled into stratospheric popularity on YouTube. The premise of the video is that we're about to live in an era of ubiquitous touchscreens (made with glass) and smart windows (made of glass) as well as appliances like stoves which are also made with glass.

What's striking about the video is mostly how we see the touch screens working, and the way the mobile devices seamlessly network with household appliances, TVs, and bendable flat screen computers. There's also a very paranoia-inducing, panopticon feeling to what we're seeing. As one person walks along, we see giant pictures of her (or her avatar?) leaping up the walls of buildings. And when she walks into a store, she's shown pictures of herself in the clothes she might want to try on. A world made of glass may promise easy information access, but it also seems to be a world where everybody is always looking at themselves and each other to an alarming degree.

Still, I wouldn't say no to some of this tech. Especially the interface where you plop your phone down onto a surface and it instantly networks with it and allows you to get a large screen version of the data on your mobile.

RE: Video Thread - John L - 06-25-2011

Yep, that looks like a typical day in the dear future.

RE: Video Thread - John L - 07-02-2011

Check this out.

RE: Video Thread - Biker Dude - 07-02-2011

Now THIS looks like fun. All you need is 100K to prepare the car, several sets of tires...

RE: Video Thread - John L - 07-04-2011

Every Blonde's Nightmare.

RE: Video Thread - Huh...What? - 07-05-2011

Last night, while my wife and I, and our guests were grilling on the back porch, the sky opened, and it poured rain down. Almost immediately, one of the juvenile Great Horned owls raised in the tree on the other side of the block flew to the top of the neighbor's pine tree and began to bathe in the rain.

RE: Video Thread - John L - 07-06-2011

Here's what happens when you get too close to the sun:

comet death

RE: Video Thread - John L - 07-06-2011


RE: Video Thread - John L - 07-06-2011

Lucky Squirrel

RE: Video Thread - jt - 07-06-2011


Who carries the extra batteries for it? Or is it disposable?

RE: Video Thread - John L - 07-06-2011

Southern Ocean Sky, time lapse video.

The home site of the photographer, Alex Cherney, is right here. Great photography!

RE: Video Thread - Gunnen4u - 07-06-2011

RE: Video Thread - Aurora Moon - 07-17-2011

I find it funny that it costs more to make your own homemade marshmallows than it does to get it from the store.
In this case making your homemade stuff isn't so cheap after all.

RE: Video Thread - Huh...What? - 07-17-2011

In this case it's a quality thing, not a cost thing. If you've ever had a real marshmallow, vs one of those store-bought sponges, you's never buy them again.

RE: Video Thread - ag - 07-17-2011

RE: Video Thread - Aurora Moon - 07-17-2011

now that's good stuff.