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Full Version: Scientific Misinformation From the Left
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As if the AGW issue doesn't have enough Kooks out there spewing intellectual flatulence, here is more to spread around.

To start things off, MoveOn is showing their lack of thinking/honesty/principles, you name it, by coming up with this series of advertisements. Anyone, who thinks it makes sense, needs a brain transplant.

So why is MoveOn doing this? And why are the bashees Democrats? Perhaps they are up for reelection and not toeing the Jackass line, as MoveOn would love to see them toe? After all, the three above, are just trying to get reelected, correct?

But catch this at the end of the article:

Quote:MoveOn’s ad campaign is a falsehood from top to bottom. should promptly do three things: (1) Apologize to Sens. Landrieu, Lincoln, and Nelson for subjecting them to a smear campaign. (2) Apologize to its members for feeding them falsehoods instead of providing truthful information. (3) Return every penny to anyone whom the ads frightened or angered into contributing money to MoveOn.Org.

Instead of doing number three, how about submitting the names of these geniuses, to the authorities, in the white uniforms, who can drop the nets over them, and carry them to the nearest asylum. :lol:

And I think the S&Gs are Stupid!? Holy Lobotomy Batman! :!:
The left does not care about science or the truth. They care about keeping the people worked up with crises of various sorts requiring government action. They've been at it since R. Carson. Is that strategy an axiom of Alinsky? At least R. Emanuel thinks the device is effective.
Quote:To start things off, MoveOn is showing their lack of thinking/honesty/principles,...

They should change their name to ""!

I totally agree with both of you.

What is interesting is that these 'so called' elitists haven't a clue as to the lame nature of their advertisememts. Nobody, in his or her, right mind would fall for such a illogical statement. Hell, even a 'retard' can see through the thesis.
I think the problem with the left is called "cognitive dissonance" on quite a number of issues.
Lots of humans live their lives this way fellows,most of us do as well. we just don't have AGW as a pre conceived notion of ours to hold fast to is all.

Most everyone has some pre conceived notion that is not accurate and most of us would jump off a cliff flying our flags before we changed and saw things 180.

I've had to face this reality in my faith in the last year,I've seen how hard it is for normal,good folks to give up pre conceived notions that are nonsense when seriously examined(I'm meaning a Bible doctrinal point here).

Now,for fun listen to the song below:

That's funny Palladin. Note the G4u proof fiddle player. Would that be called Viking-Grass? It looks like their bus is warm enough, no wood stove I wot.
I thought it was cool,too. Listen to this,1 good thing about Obama,he ocassionally is honest and says stuff they are not supposed to discuss.

Most pols don't talk like this and I for one appreciate his honesty if not his policy choice: