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Full Version: US citizen defects to North Korea?
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It seems that some people are so unhappy with Comrade Messiah that they chose to run to Comrade Kim...
Are defections to Iran coming next?
Well, they can come back after a few years if he gets his way along with Congress's help.
This seems a great way to get rid of Collectivist Kooks, on the "Cheap". The cost of an air ticket is far cheaper than all the other alternatives.

I think we should push this approach more.
Given that for PR reasons they will be treated wonderfully and fed better than the average North Korean, they may need protection from the wonderful people and system they love......
That line sounds too old line Stalinist tripe to be real. If there is a second person,I bet it's a soldier who wandered across the line and is trying to save his skin.

I think there was a defector around 1960 and about a decade ago that man was returned home and unless he is dead,lives in North Carolina now.

He fled out of fear,thought he could avoid combat that way.
This guy has crossed the border for whatever reason except for what the NK KGB told him to say. IMO.
Fredledingue Wrote:This guy has crossed the border for whatever reason except for what the NK KGB told him to say. IMO.

I am not sure how he, or the other person with him, managed go get across, but I suspect it was by boat. The border has the tightest security system in the world, even tighter than the Israel/Gaza strip. There is a no-man's zone, on both sides, and a Huge fence, that is patrolled by the military, 14/7. He simply could not have cut his way through without being shot by both sides.
Actually, for the common slob, it doesn't seem like such a bad deal. The North Korean government will most likely put the guy up in a nice house, give him a wife and mistress, and a daily stipend for the rest of his life, just so they can photograph how happy and prosperous he is living in NK.(this is what happened to past defectors).

EDIT: tensions with the U.S. may cause NK to ship the guy back, I dunno.
I assume in order to watch porn movies and understand everything being said. S13