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Full Version: Observatories.
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I am going to try to go within this four-day weekend I am enjoying:

McDonald Observatory = Star Party
That ought to really be interesting.
John L Wrote:That ought to really be interesting.

I am excited about going!

My friend found about this thing while in conversation with a pretty red-headed girl working at a store in the mall who gave him all sorts of cool things to do while in El Paso.

This was one of them. Along with alot of cool outdoor and history stuff (which she is into) around here. My friend has a girlfriend already, so maybe he can help me out as it were.

I am going tomorrow night. I will update on it. One thing about growing up in MT in the semi-rural areas was the stars at night. I always slept outside in the summer to watch them. In the desert, it's awe-inspiring too. This should be really good. I've never been to an actual observatory before.
I've been to a star party before. It was really cool.
I got the best view of the Pleiades star cluster I ever saw. If you've never seen it, it is soooooo beautiful through a good telescope on a clear night.
I've been to Mt. Palomar observatory. Many years ago. Didn't get to look through the Hale telescope, of course (astronomers wait in line for a year, and most of the work is done with cameras and instruments), but they have a nice display room with lots of illuminated transparencies on the wall, pictures taken through the telescope. Sort of a mini museum. It's a long, winding road to get up to the observatory. But even there, they claim that light from the cities down below affects them. It is very impressive when the entire roof rotates.