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Full Version: Musharraf's Choice: Hosni Mubarik or the Turkish Generals?
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Following article gives Pakistan's Musharraf two options one taken by the recent Turkish general Kenan Evren and one taken by Hosni Mubarek. I think Pakistan at this stage needs slower transition to democracy, and Musharraf might be seeing himself in the same shoes as Ataturk did about 80 years ago.
Musharraf's Choice: Hosni Mubarik or the Turkish Generals?
by Nasim Zehra
(Monday 23 May 2005)


"The Local Government elections due in August will be the first window on what path Musharraf opts for. Within the Muslim world he can see the results of the two options. General Hosni Mubarik in Egypt has opted to stay with khaki democracy, manipulate the political landscape and keep Egypt in perpetual political turmoil and a dangerous divisiveness. The Turkish general Kenan Evren meanwhile opted to genuinely 'repair' Turkish democracy and we see its results in a genuine democratic order in Turkey. Evren drew up a road map for the return of genuine democracy and then stayed the course. General Musharraf has yet to make his choice."
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Good question. Pakistan,IMO,is not prepared for it right now. They had it until a few years ago and they became chaotic.

I think Mush will stay in power for a good decade if he doesn't die first myself,but they could have elections on legislative things and then President later .

Incidentally,I think Mubarak is close to losing his power to the people. He's fearful of democracy,but I think Egypt is ready for a go at it myself.
Donno if the comparison is proper.

Both Turkey and Egypt come close to nation-states (even if the Kurds and the Copts are very large minorities); but Pakistan is an artificial tribal confederation with high chances of disintegrating.

(CIA forecasted its disintegration by 2015, albeit Stratfor did not)
You know Michael, that is entirely possible. If everyone else is doing it, then why not them.