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Full Version: Dances with umbrella
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Chieftains with spears.

[Image: 4351123423-solyanka.jpg]

New satellite antenna?

[Image: 65867845-solyanka_full.jpg]
[Image: 457686hgfhj-solyanka_full.jpg]
[Image: gfhjty67654-solyanka_full.jpg]
[Image: 133241234-solyanka_full.jpg]
New invention,the reverse spear!
This is a worthless slight against Bush. Truth is, if you photograph someone enough, you can get *anyone* to look like an idiot. Don't get me wrong, I believe Bush is a figurehead, but these photos don't prove it.
Anonymous24 Wrote:This is a worthless slight against Bush.
It's not slight against Bush, official reports were too boring and some additions by "amateurs" were perfect. IMHO Bush feels well in funny situations.
Yeah, the pictures are pretty funny I didn't really think they were meant as any kind of serious criticism of the president. It does seem like Bush makes more funny faces than the average person S6
I agree. Nothing wrong with these photos except for the eye of the beholder. Bush is one of the calmest, most confidant Presidents we've ever had. He definitely is one of the smartest.

What photos like these show is his humanity and ability to laugh at himself without chagrin. Someone like Teddy Kennedy would have been offended by the cosmic happenstance, and would probably have lashed out at the nearest underling in frustration. Any paparazzi would have their cameras confiscated and all images of Teddy's bout with Nature deleted. Think of the more pompous celebrities and how they would react.

Then there is Clinton. (Either one.) Their photo ops are so completely stage-managed, that they would bring in wind machines to make such shots happen, fully scripted with a sage quip to hit the 6:00 O'clock news at prime time. For example, remember the solitary walk on the Normandy beach, where Clinton happened across a pile of little stones in an otherwise stoneless beach, where he formed a little stone cross on the sand with a U.S. Destroyer in the background over his shoulder? The cameras and timing just happened to be perfect for the little touching scene.

I'm sure there are professional image-makers around Bush who would love to have this kind of discipline, but Bush is just too genuine and confidant to worry about stage managing his image. Although his father was important in his life as a role-model (how do you follow an All-star Captain of the Yale NCAA championship baseball team?), his hero and model for his Presidency has always been Reagan. It was Reagan who said not to worry about defending oneself when the inevitable attacks occur from the left-wing news media, because history will speak for itself. As long as you know you are striving to do the right thing, it shouldn't matter what is said behind your back. Reagan felt ignoring lies was better than giving them legs by addressing them.