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Full Version: Baghdad Museum Looting Revisited
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As you may recall, the Great Bushite Looting of the Baghdad Museum was the favorite leftie tale before Ms. England stole the show.

The claims have reappeared in a book form and the Times Reexamines the story -- and some new interesting details.

Quote:As well as housing one of the world’s great collections of ancient artefacts, the museum was also part of the Ba’ath party apparatus — as were all important public institutions in Saddam’s Iraq — and its cultural and political roles were intricately entwined. What soon became clear to me was that the attack could also be read as a popular act of vengeance against the party and its members, an interpretation supported by the fact that the museum’s offices not its galleries were the prime targets.
There is a report out in Arabic only detailing the attempts by Syrian intell to remove some artifacts recently in Samiwah I think. Anyone have a translator?
mv Wrote:attack could also be read as a popular act of vengeance against the party and its members

Its common tradition to slender heroes of revolutions. The same happened in 1917 when progressive workers and peasants looted tsar's wine-cellars and angry sailors fu_cked female battalion 3 days along when assaulted Winter Palace. In fact it was "a popular act of vengeance against" tsarism, it was human way of class struggle.
The article makes it look like an act of political revolution. But perhaps the people only looted the office because they believed that's where all the money would be. That's certainly reasonable.