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Full Version: Afghan Police Trained by US Army?
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This sounds like a confrontation with a US rifle company.

1131 GMT -- AFGHANISTAN -- A firefight between militants and police erupted May 3 in Afghanistan’s Zabul province, leaving at least 20 insurgents and one Afghan police officer dead and several others injured, the U.S. military reported May 4. U.S. troops also detained six militants and a village leader with suspected ties to the Taliban.
Combined Forces Command - Afghanistan

We've had different elements of the Army (MPs, MI, SF, etc.) training different elements of the new Afghan Police force for quite a while now. There are also PMCs that have training contracts, some working in conjunction with uniformed troops, some not. The Afghan Police mission is broad, encompassing not only conventional police duties, but LE aspects of counter-insurgency, and, of course, the huge anti-drug mission.

US Embassy Kabul

USAID Afghanistan

I love the kill ratio,let's hope the Iraqis develop along these lines as well. What a force multiplier,all special forces work I assume.the training that is?