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Full Version: Saudi Arabia - Insurgency, Terrorism and Fundamentalism
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Seeing comments being made in the Iraq thread regarding Saudi Arabia's supposed "success" against "insurgents" being due quite simply to its ability to crack down ruthlessly on perceived threats since it is a totalitorian state. As usual, its a bit more complex than that. For those who care about such things, here are a couple of insightful papers on the subject:

From the US Army War College's Strategic Studies Institute: Saudi Arabia: Islamic Threat, Political Reform, and the Global War on Terror

...and from the Center for Strategic and International Studies: Al Qaeda in Saudi Arabia: Asymetric Threats and Islamic Extremists
Excellent links, as usual from Jedburgh...

A thought that occurred to me: maybe we will all benefit from a slightly different way of linking this kind of material:

Create a thread in
Saudi Arabia
(and Iraq, or Russia, or North Korea, or EU constitution, or NPT) which would start with the links to the general background sites (CIA Worldbook, some encyclopedia, ?what else?), and where such links are stored.

This way, these links will be easier to find.
It appears Saudi internal intell is pretty darn good to me.
It has to be, seeing as the vast majority of the Saudi people want to see the government overthrown, and there is a very healthy Insurgency there.

I don't see enough evidence to show me that most people oppose the royal family. The insurgency truthfully is small IMO.

This is the incubator of wahabi Islam and the best the terrorist can do is an occasional kidnapping and blast? Israel puts up with way worse. The violence in SA is no worse than London in 1970 with the IRA terrorism.
You don't see evidence to suggest the people don't support the royal family!?!

Shock Shock Shock
I said before the Saudis were able to deal with the insurgency by crushing it ruthlessly. Actually, I don't even think there was much of an insurgency before 9/11. The Saudis didn't attempt to seriously control al-Qaeda or others in the country. They didn't want to do this, because they knew it would cause instability. Now, there is an insurgency. I think the people are sympathetic to the insurgency but most of them are so totally dependent on the House of Sauds payments that they don't materielly support it.
I don't think there is evidence that the al qaeda inspiration animates a large % of SA's population. For evidence of THAT type insurrection inside SA,all foreigner workers would have to be guarded like an American style FOB with at least a company sized armored detachment like in Iraq.

SA pipelines would be getting exploded on a weekly if not daily basis,to date we have had 0 attacks on their oil infrastructure.

I think Anon has it close to right,SA always has generated X amount of wahabbi nutcases and EXPORTED them to foreign areas,but the problem they faced was 9-11 and 150,000 hostile infantry soldiers on their northern border.

They dropped their old see no evil attitude and attacked,al qaeda responded and to date,they have damn near crushed any resistance. "Use it or lose it". The terrorists don't have the luxury of patience now,so what they had has to a great extent already been expended,plus many of their jihadists have been diverted to Iraq,probably 70% of the suicide bombers are Saudi in Iraq.