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Full Version: How confusing, the right wing has a good point here
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Dresdens anniversary of the unspeakable terror bombing in 1945 saw two demonstrations, one right wing comparing the terror bombing to the holocaust. One left wing, social democrats, socialist, greens, unionists, and the Jews against the right wing. Interestingly, the centre right, CDU and FDP were nowhere seen.,,4030017,00.html
Yes, that is bizarre. By protesting those who protest the firebombing, these leftist groups imply they sanction the fire bombing. I don't think the lefties are smart enough to realize this, however. It think they just get emotionally excited, to an extent hard for the rest of us to imagine, by the prospect of confronting any right wing group that happens to be demonstrating.
The weird them about Europe(it seems to be continental Europe and not specific to Germany) is they seem only to have extreme right and extreme left.

There is no middle there. It reminds me reading about the days of the Weimar Republic,no middle.

So,the left protests the right even when they ought to agree with the right from a German perspective. From a German perspective only.

Wise Germans(they all live at the University of Tubingen) know what their forefathers accomplished could have resulted in the entire nation looking like Dresden in 1945 and being just as hot,too.
Quite right Palladin. But how comes the Jews; as I discovered with a link provided by Aurora, Germany is home to the highest percentage of Jews of the population after Israel, join a left-wing demonstration? Shouldn't they regard Dresden as a very small down payment for Auschwitz?

No,Jews can be as stupid and as evil as anyone else,sometimes moreso,sometimes not . If a Jew lives in Germany today,that Jew is firmly in the "I am more ignorant than a dead cat" camp. If the same Jew is among the handful of neo Nazis at Dresden in your article,that Jew has entered the "I am more ignorant than a dead cat and more evil than ........fill in the blank".

Strictly concerning Dresden,as I stated above,wise Germans fully understand they are fortunate not to have had a German holocaust occur. Had Hitler lived 6 more months,it may have occurred,who knows? Might not the A bombs have been dropped in Europe and not Japan? I bet they would have.

Here's a Der Spiegel article that indicates a good balance. The Allies had imminent cause to deconstruct the center of Dresden,it probably saved many Russian soldier's lives by stopping transit of material eastwards.

That article is an interview with one Frederick Taylor, an apologist warping the facts. I'd say your country only still exists because Hitler stupidly attacked the Russians. He had no choice, not the Jews, but the communist was what he wished to erase first.
You misunderstood me, the Jews were amongst the organizers of the left-wing demonstration, and that must hurt you more than them jumping around with swastikas. Quite a sizable faction of the Jews are sane folks, indeed. Didn't I frequently report that over many years, more Jews immigrated to Germany than either to the USA or Israel? Wouldn't you say they kind of rebuffed the militaristic nazi regime of Israel?
It is hard to justify the Allied fire-bombing of Dresden in WWII. But that was not significantly different from the American A-bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki. The nuclear attack broke Japan's will to continue the war, and forestalled the need for an invasion and house-by-house subjugation of Japan, which some estimate would have cost millions of lives on both sides. It also gave the Emperor a good excuse to rein in his militant generals and admirals, saying the actual continued existence of Japan was at stake. (They did not know those two bombs were the only ones the USA had at that point.) The firebombing of Dresden did not seem to accomplish any useful purpose, outside of destroying a few factories. Mainly it had the effect of giving the Germans MORE motivation to fight.

IF left wing Jews organized that protest,they're left wing goofs. Moreso because they are Jews they're extreme goofs since Jews were being fried by the capabilities of Germany's industrial talents these Jews are protesting we destroyed.

What are they doing,trying to gain favor with the heirs of the people that fried their grandparents?? Pretty much the way I see it. They are the vanguard of the western decline these Jews,self loathing freaks. If they lived in Israel,they'd suck up to Hamas.

So,some Jews are idiots,I already knew that,some Gentiles are.More things change,more they remain the same.


How do you figure the A bombs were net positives and the Dresden bombing was a net negative? Both pretty much destroyed large,industrial cities of the enemy. Did you read the article above?

If we had dropped the bombs in 1942 they wouldn't have stopped the war,but,they still would have eliminated those 3 cities from war production.

I listend to the navigator of the Enola Gay speak once,he said the Japanese didn't stop until we firebombed Tokyo with a 1000 plane air raid and the Russia Army had killed 80,000 Japanese soldiers days later.

It was an accumulation of disaster that finally beat the Nipponese,not just those 2 bombs,IMO. I'd say the same was true for Germany.

In fact,he said Japan was way more beat than Germany was. He said he never flew over Germany w/o major league AAA efforts,they flew that A bomb to Hiroshima w/o even an escort,never saw a single Nip plane,not 1 piece of flak.