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Full Version: Imagine My Surprise
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Islam in America’s Classrooms History or Propaganda?

According to the online encyclopedia, Wikipedia, in its List of Wars in the Muslim World, since the death of Mohammed there have been 63 major Islamic wars of conquest involving over 201 major battles. It also documents 18 current conflicts involving Muslims, which represent over 95% of the world's armed conflicts. Historians have estimated that Muslims killed over 270 million people during the last 1400 years in their wars of conquest, plunder and enslavement.
i assure you Christianity has this beat.

"only the dead have seen the end of war."

WW2 alone killed 40 million people and not a single one died from muslim hands.
Yea,but,how do you blame Christianity for starting WWII? IMO,it probably helped win it since most Americans in 1942 were believers.
church-going folks, yes, but true believers? impossible to say, IMO.

wouldn't a true believer abstain from combat?
Where, within the context of the Bible, and not some nit-pick random quote that loses about 90% of meaning alone, does it say defending yourself is wrong? How else did our Founding Fathers reconcile themselves to the Revolution when most were ardent Christians?

And yes, Islam is propaganda. We watched a video in History class about some stupid, white, sub-urbanite woman who eschewed all semblence of liberty she had to convert to Islam, veil herself up, and beg permission from the Males in the household so she can go to Mecca, and how holy it was and truely peaceful.

Try living in Saudi Arabia you retard. I hope she is in a burka and can't speak, the world would gain from it.

It goes on, but it's definately a white-washed history concerning everything that gets taught in our schools these days. Harriet Tubman gets more press in a history school book than the entire freakin' War of 1812!?
calm down, grasshopper.

after 9/11, i wanted to get more familiar with Islam. i went to the library and after finding nothing, i settled on this book called "The Idiot's Guide to Islam". no need to tell you how much propaganda there was in it. completely whitewashed history of Mahamed and his conquests.

Christianity isn't about defending yourself, its about turning the other cheeck.

don't know about the founding fathers religiousity, i thought they were deists.

A believer is simply a person who meets the critical John 20:31 standard.

It's either or,there is no "intensity" to that question. For example,do you believe it would hurt if you fell off a 1000 ' cliff? Emotions,determination,intensity have no role to play there,it's yes or no.

I don't see evidence in Scripture that the Bible teaches me not to participate in war efforts that my government partakes in. It encourages it.

We used to have a Christian pacifist on here who disagreed with me. If he was here,he could make a better case for his view.

The main argument those guys use is Matthew Chapters 4 and 5. The problem with that view is it ignores the context of the information given.

Jesus there,IMO,is largely detailing what His Kingdom will be like,then warning His people and potential followers not to resist the Romans with revolution and violence or else they will get their heads crushed.

That's furthered in more details in Matthew 24. 70 AD shows how right He was,too. That's prophetic vindication if it ever has occurred. I think it's Matthew 24:31 where Jesus boldly states,all this will come to pass before this generation passes away".

Revolution against a governing body is forbidden in Scripture there and elsewhere,soldiering for your nation is an altogether different animal,IMO.

BTW,many English texts translate the commandment,"thou shall not kill" and the word there is not kill,but,murder. Some folks are misled by that English error. The septuagint Greek word is murder,not kill.

Not far past the famous "Sermon on the Mount" of Matthew 4&5 there,Jesus instructs His disciples to arm themselves with swords and if need be sell their cloaks to obtain the money to do so.

Self defense,warfare for one's nation are not prohibited,revolution against your own government authorities and murder are. Of course our old pacifist would disagree vociferously with me were he still posting here.

Somewhere in Jeremiah is a verse that has manifold meaning,it is apt here.

"Prepare the horse for battle,but,victory belongs to The Lord". Verses like would be awful odd if God's folks were prohibited from combat and self defense.
Indeed do I know most these things from reading on my own.

However, if Revolting against your own gov't is a no-no, then there is no justification for it? This would mean we did for our "natural rights" as endowed by our creator.....

I am not trying to throw sand in your gears, I just want this worked out a bit is all and perhaps learn something from it.
there are no atheists in foxholes.

you make a good point and i try to read the Bible as little as possible, recovering catholic and all that. my belief is that the bible was compiled for political reasons at Nicea. how much more of Jesus' teachings were left out due to incompatibility with the direction the leaders of Christianity were wanting to take the religion back then? we'll never know. After reading my Bible, the Annotated Text Bible, i found some major contradictions between was i was taught in a Roman Catholic school and was was directly translated from the original languages. it was enough for me to feel that any Bible printed in America was severly lacking.

i giess in the end, i'm not a good enough Christian to argue you on your points. my feeling is that as a true Christian nation or filled with true believers, we should have steeped in when we saw the writing on the wall. knowing the Bolsheviks were atheist fuktards, we should have pumped up the White Russians better and stopped the tide of communism in its cradle. we should have done a million things different and better, but we sat on our ass content that the misery was happening to someone else thousands of miles away.

we didnt give a flip about the Taliban or what they were doing to their women and children until some morons from their tribe flew some planes into our buildings. again, we had mountains of evidence against them, we chose inaction over action.

Right now,I wouldn't revolt against my own government. That does NOT mean I am right, Biblically. It means right now it's my current understanding as God has given me to understand,that's all.

All Christians of much age who retain humility know they have some false concepts and perceptions in their hearts and that over time we are tested and the false is shown to be so and the truth is revealed to us. The best pastor in history taught something false,then later was challenged on it by God and the pastor was corrected and he in trun corrects his assembly.

I'm old enough to have seen it occur more than once to great,dedicated pastors. I've had to re-examine much of my own notions over time,too.

As I understand the doctrine,it is as follows in short form:

1) God places humans in positions of authority using His omniscience,righteousness and justice to make the choice.

2) He factors in levels of human evil(as opposed to sin,evil is thinking opposed to God's,not just sin as in drunkeness) of the population balanced out by levels of Divine viewpoint in the hearts of His people within the nation.

Keep in mind this verse,"Judgment begins in the house of the Lord". Sometimes we bring on disaster to the unbelievers.

3)This means the leaders may be virtuous or awful,He doesn't give us Himself as our direct leader during this age. He tallies up the virtue quotient and voila!

4) Our role is not revolution,which would be rejecting His authority. Our role is to accept the role of Divine viewpoint into our hearts which counters the evil in other's hearts and intercessory prayer asking Him to change the thinking of evil leaders/remove them or give wisdom to decent ones.

My own pastor would agree with this,except he would say the American revolution wasn't a revolution,rather a foreign rule.
Warbicycle is a funny guy but not particularly knowledgable. The Duchy of Saxe-Meiningen were I am from, a dot in the Holy Roman and German Empires, was involved in more than 30 wars against neighbouring dots back in the dark ages. Less than 1/200th of the German territory, about 2,500 sqkm.
So? Are you saying that because of the tiny little piece of real estate you grew up in that nothing is true about Islam?

And how major were these regional conflicts?

Seriously, does any of it add up to the figures in WB's post?

Major wars here man, major wars. Not to mention current conflicts.
True about Islam are it's roots in Judaism and Christianity, 99% consistency with your religion. You must really hate to know you have more with them in common than I do. Do you remember the celebration of that killed in Iraq American soldier at the Republican convention last year, who kind of saved a couple of comrades by his dead? Precisely the same as the suicide bomber cult of conservative Muslims.
I think many of you are forgetting that Islamic wars of expansion were started in the name of Islam. However, not so many wars in Europe were started in the name of Christianity, or for Christian expansionism. The fact that the warrior may have claimed "(the Christian) God was on his side" does not count, it is merely propaganda, not a motivating or determining factor.
jt Wrote:it is merely propaganda, not a motivating or determining factor.

The key factor!