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Full Version: Iraqi Provincial Elections
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There was no thread regarding this event yet? It seems significant. Compared with the previous provincial elections four years ago the one held last week was an improvement. Well, depending on your political affiliation of course. Perhaps the troublemakers took a break and will try again in 4 years when the American troops are mostly gone.

How the major parties performed:
It is astounding how much things have improved in Iraq in th last 3 years. Perhaps Iraq is approaching closely some kind of normal democratic nationhood, and so it is no longer hot news, especially since Bush is gone.

Notice that Petraeus in in charge in Afghanistan and the new administration is crediting his philosophy with the win. It has to be adjusted for Afghanistan of course, and let's hope it can be done well.
The most remarkable developement is the retreat of Islamic parties, mostly ethno-centrists ones.

IMO, the prospect of seeing american troops leaving the country greatly helped Maliki.
How Maliki beated both shiite and sunni militants on an even hand also helped.

It goes even better than expected.
I think the fact that the people know we're exiting has caused them to sober up and get serious. They've moved hard toward secularist rule as opposed to all the various religious parties.

Unfortunately,since they have the parliamentary system,it will always force them to vote along sectarian lines. That's the stupidest form of democracy going and everyone on earth does it for whatever reason except us.
I think so, too, Palladin. So, why didn't you try the trick years ago?

I reckon us hillbilly red necks is too smart to try parliamentary form. Parliamentary form forces people to vote along divisive lines,it would be a disaster for us,maybe not Japan or Germans where everybody is the same.
Political parties in the Middle East (including Iraq) should be banned if more than 55% of their members belong to the same ethnic or religious group.

Ethno-religious parties should be totaly prohibited from the political scene.
Fredledingue Wrote:Political parties in the Middle East (including Iraq) should be banned if more than 55% of their members belong to the same ethnic or religious group.

Yes! And the leaders hanged in public. S2
But why restrict ourselves to Middle East? Do this everywhere else, beginning with atheistic and enviromentalistic religions.