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Full Version: Eight dead in temple bomb in Thailand
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Probably not reported by FOX or any other right-wing loonies network, it didn't happen in the South, and wouldn't stir Islamophobia. In general quite ignored by Western media, which report every fart of a Muslim. Had to look around in the web.
Quote:An explosion at an outdoor celebration next to a Buddhist temple in northeastern Thailand killed seven people and wounded 27 others, police said Saturday.
It was not immediately clear what caused the blast but police suspect that one of three men in a drunken brawl may have thrown a hand grenade. There was no indication that the blast was related to Thailand's continuing political strife.

The explosion in Nong Bua Lamphu province, 420 kilometers (260 miles) northeast of Bangkok, occurred just before midnight on Saturday, when hundreds of people were in an open field celebrating the completion of a new temple pavilion with dancing and folk music, said Pol. Col. Thammajak Kongmongkol.

Four women, one man, and two teenage girls near the stage where singers and dancers were performing were killed, he said. Six of the injured were in serious condition with shrapnel wounds.

Three men were seen in a drunken brawl in front of the stage before the explosion occurred, Thammajak said.

"We suspect one of them might have thrown a hand grenade during the fight but we are still investigating whether it was a bomb or an accident," he said, adding that one of the men had been detained. The other two escaped.

Bombing incidents are rare but not unknown in Thailand.

Several grenades have been lobbed in or near the capital in recent months amid protests by anti-government protesters and a rival political faction, leaving dozens wounded. No one has been held responsible.

Buddhist temple fairs on Buddhist holy days and public holidays are common in the predominantly Buddhist country.