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Full Version: Israelian genocide on Palestine continues
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Massive air raids by Israel on the Gaza strip, destroying hospitals, schools, police stations, administrative buildings and other infrastructure, killing hundreds of civilians and injuring more. A trail of death and destruction by the Israeli war machine. Before, Israel prevented food and medical supplies into Gaza.
Quote:At least 155 Palestinians have been killed in an Israeli aerial bombardment on Hamas security installations. An Israeli spokesperson said "The air raids against Gaza are only the beginning". Of what? The annihilation of the people of Palestina?

Israel launched air attacks across the besieged Gaza Strip on Saturday, threatening that further operations would be carried out later in the day.

Witnesses reported heavy damage as at least 30 missiles were fired on the targets.

Emergency services said that at least 200 people were also wounded.

Salam Fayyad, the Palestinian prime minister, condemned the attack and demanded an immediate cessation.

Hours after the Israeli assault, Gaza fighters fired home-made rockets into southern Israel, heeding calls by Hamas and other affiliated Palestinian groups to avenge the attacks, unprecedented in their scale.

One Israeli was killed in the rocket fire, medics said.

Islam Shahwan, a Hamas police spokesman, said a police graduation ceremony in Gaza City was struck by Israel. Among those killed was Tawfiq Jabber, the Gaza chief of police.

The Hamas-run interior ministry said all security compounds in the Strip had been destroyed.

Gaza is densely populated. Its 1.5 million residents area already experiencing shortages in medicine, power and basic supplies due to 18 months of an Israeli blockade.

'War crimes'

Mahmoud Abbas, the Palestinian president and leader of Fatah, condemned the "aggression" in Gaza.

Mousa Abu Morzouz, the deputy leader of Hamas, told Al Jazeera: "Until now the aggression didn't stop ... they are targeting all the police headquarters and offices.

"We will defend our people, we will retaliate against this aggression ... our military will retaliate."

Morzouz called on the world's most powerful nations to condemn the attacks: "Nobody in this world can accept what happened and the Israeli aggression ... [we expect] the international community to stand against this and say that it is not acceptable."

Mustafa Barghouthi, the former Palestinian information minister, said: "This is not an attack on the Hamas. It is an attack on the whole population and the free will of the people of Gaza."

He accused Israel of committing "war crimes" and demanded that Abbas and his government stop all relations with Israel.

'Only just beginning'

The Israel army released a statement saying "terrorist installations" were hit and that all Israeli pilots returned unharmed.

The operation against the Hamas is "only just beginning," Avi Benayahu, an Israeli military spokesman said.

The air raids follow the decision by the Israeli security cabinet to increase reprisals for cross-border rocket attacks against Israel, and the breakdown of a six-month-old Israel-Hamas truce earlier this month.

The ceasefire expired on December 19, with Hamas arguing that Israel had violated the truce by preventing vital food and medical supplies into the Strip.

Ayman Mohyeldin, Al Jazeera's correspondent in Gaza, said: "A series of explosions were heard over Gaza City.

"From where we are, there are at least seven different clouds of smoke from the strikes. We are seeing some casualties being evacuated in cars."

Egypt has opened the Rafah crossing with the Gaza Strip to receive injured people, Egyptian officials said. Ambulances have been sent to the crossing and two Egyptian hospitals emptied to take in the wounded.

Weakened security services

Mohyeldin said that Hamas, which rule the Gaza Strip, was being held responsible by Israel for any attacks from the territory into Israel, even if they are undertaken by other Palestinian factions.

However, officials of the deposed government in Gaza which maintains law and order, while being Hamas member in the main, are separate from the group's military wing and other factions responsible for attacks into Israel.

"There is within Gaza a functioning ministry of interior that has security services, traffic control, emergency medical services," Mohyeldin reported.

"Those workers are seen as employees of the government in Gaza. So now that many of these installations have been targeted, it will have an immediate impact in terms of the law and order structure here in Gaza."

Jacky Rowland, Al Jazeera's correspondent in Jerusalem, said that Israel's decision to strike at this moment was down to Hamas withdrawing from the ceasefire and the intensified rocket fire coming from the Gaza Strip in recent days.

"In one day [in the past week] we saw 80 rockets ... which is a huge upsurge," she said.

Hamas won control of the Palestinian Legislative Council in elections in January 2005. The international community refused to accept a Hamas-led government, demanding that the faction recognise Israel and renounce violence. Economic sanctions by the EU and US followed.
wow! Al Jazeera! man, i hate them joos too! why cant they stop defending themselves...oops, i mean ATTACKING poor merciful peasants???

stoopid joos!
but seriously, i'm waiting for the real news to get in. nature abhors a vacuum, and this is no different. i heard about a build up and an attack on Gaza, but i've been too busy to read about it.

anywho, let's just wait till the rest of the story comes in before we jump to any conclusions, eh? S5
According to debka, 350 dead terrorists.

Quote:military sources assess the next stage of Israel's Gaza campaign as being a ground incursion of the Gaza Strip, to follow up the air bombardment of Hamas compounds Saturday, Dec. 27. Hamas estimates that in four minutes, dozens of Israeli bombers and helicopters flattened 30 "high profile" sites. At least 350 Palestinians were killed, 90 percent of them Hamas operatives.

Q, does elimination of terrorists constitutes a form of genocide? Should we see terrorists as a legitimate minority, to be protected (cf. gays).
mv Wrote:Q, does elimination of terrorists constitutes a form of genocide? Should we see terrorists as a legitimate minority, to be protected (cf. gays).

One man's terrorist is one man's freedom fighter. It is a fine line that must be watched very carefully.

Case in point would be that movie about Russia invading America and they are basically stopped by a group of high school kids living in the hills and committing what we would consider today as terrorist acts.
Uh, tha'd be "Red Dawn", scpg02.
I liked that flick,but ,8 kids? I guess it didn't take much to impress me in 1984.
I liked it too :oops:

I guess back in 1984 it even felt as realistic (thanks to Jimmy).
Well, I liked in 1984, and watched a rerun just afew months ago and still liked it. I guess artistically I have not grown much.

I haven't either. Just saying,you know,8 US teenagers whupped the Red Army. That's like my imagination as a kid,I was in the NBA,NFL and Major Leagues!
Palladin Wrote:Kamil,

I haven't either. Just saying,you know,8 US teenagers whupped the Red Army. That's like my imagination as a kid,I was in the NBA,NFL and Major Leagues!

Not just any teens, the leaders were Boy Scouts!
That's why they went after boy scouts later. S1
ag Wrote:That's why they went after boy scouts later. S1

LOL! And here I thought it was because Scouts taught them how to be men. Goes counter to the feminization they are trying to push in the schools.
This is what happens when people don't have any Christmas spirit.

Ahkenaten Wrote:This is what happens when people don't have any Christmas spirit.


I was fresh out this year.
There was that trend in the early 80s... Red Dawn, V, Amerika...heroic resistance... anything else? disrespect to the movie, but what does this have to do with the original subject?
Quote:what does this have to do with the original subject?
A wild guess: may be Hamas and Co. should be considered arab boy scouts?
mv disrespect to the movie, but what does this have to do with the original subject?

There was a subject?
W/e, I hope the IDF kills them by the hundreds, and grinds the organization into the ground. Perhaps a good struggle is needed in order to re-align the nation and give it something, especially after all the trouble with Olmert.

90% of them terrorists? 10% that 'weren't' were most likely closely associated, eg. they died in the strikes. No sleep lost there. If only someone were to run in front of a bulldozer, that would make my day.

I await furthur good news.
What are the odds of the situation escalating further? Hizbollah is said to have regained all of its strenght and then quite some more. Iran also might want to do something, they are projected to have a $50 billion budget deficit next year, legislative elections are scheduled.

Mmm, around 6500 reservists have been mobilized already, I hope my cousins will be safe.
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