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Full Version: Israelian genocide on Palestine continues
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Do you have a link for that quote, Q?
quadrat Wrote:The grandsons of the beforementioned Jews with unbalanced diets killed a senior Hamas leader including his wives and nine children earlier today. Does that make you happy?

No. It shows the limitations of "smart weaponry", the exact quote being

Quote:Eighteen other people, including all four of Rayan's wives and nine of his 12 children, also were killed, Palestinian health officials said

In other words, smart weapons create unnecessary orphans.
Not to mention that ALL of any innocents were warned beforehand, but either refused to leave or were prohibited from escaping by Hamas.
JohnWho Wrote:
mv Wrote:per this Haaretz article, the departed polygamist opted to use his family as a human just was not hardy enough.

Apparently, sometimes you just can't rely on family for protection.


JohnWho Wrote:Do you have a link for that quote, Q?
Pay attention if your troll brain allows that. How could Netanjahu talk of the "American struggle in Iraq" at the evening of 9/11? I mixed unintentionally two Netanjahu quotes,

On 9/11/2001, former Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu was asked what the 9/11 attacks meant for US/Israeli relations, and Netanyahu replied: "It's very good. (and hesitating for a while)... Well, not very good, but it will generate immediate sympathy."
[Image: 123108ben.jpg]
that is not an argument, Q. that belongs with all your other nonsense cartoons.

i take it you concede and agree that Israel is doing the right thing, then...
you are the troll, you moron. you said exactly:
quadrat Wrote:"This is a very good day for Israel. We are benefiting from one thing, and that is the attack on the Twin Towers and Pentagon, and the American struggle in Iraq."

you put EVERYTHING in quotation marks and cannot back up your claim that this is what anyone actually said.

you are unbelievable in your blind hatred for anything Christian or Jewish that you stoop so low as to make up quotes from people who said NOTHING like what you accuse them of.

you are a troll of the worst sort, Q.
This has been pointed out numerous times.

Who gives a rat's ass? Ignore him and move on. He is worthless and wouldn't have been missed if he got burned up with the rest of the tourists sometime ago.
quadrat Wrote:[Image: 123108ben.jpg]

And that is not what the "Eye for an Eye" means in the old testiment. It lost much in the translation, and this cartoonist Idiot has not knowledge of it.

What a Putz! Damn, here I am using Yiddish, of all things.

What it means is that if you lose an eye, the guilty party is required to provide "Monetary" compensation to make up for the loss of property/limbs. It was a means of ensuring that equal compensation was provided. And the literal "eye for eye" phrase was not applicable.

Only Fundies and Dufus, such as he and you "Q", would think such hogwash.
Whatever. If I were a full, half or 3/8 Jews like most of you, I'd be concerned about the trend of Israel's wars. If they were soccer matches, the results would be

1948, Israel vs a large coalition of Alab countries, 5:0.
1956, doesn't count since they were passengers of the Brits and French
1967, vs a sizable coalition of Alab countries, 4:0
1973, vs Syria and Egypt, 3:2
1982, vs Lebanon, 1:0
2006, vs Hisbollah, 0:0
2009, vs Hamas, ? : ?

what's next? 2012, a victory vs a building in Bethlehem? It's still Alab countries all around, and Israel's ally is fading rapidly.

Hey, 1982 I was in the DDR's central army hospital with a broken leg, located near the tiny village Philadelphia, east of Berlin. They treated lots of Lebanese who lost limbs straying over mine fields and such. I hated the bastards. The sound of their voices, and language like the bark of dogs, and most their awful, awful music. Had to wait a long time to meet people I scorn more.
Try looking in the mirror Adolf.
If it was a soccer match, Israel would be the team with the great players and no chance of losing if the referees would call the game fairly.

If you have ever watched such a game, you know that the homer refs get boo'ed out of the stadium and everyone knows who really won. The only ones happy with such deceit are those who make money off the rigged game.
Look at this. It's a clip of Hamas Television,Jewish version. The Israelis took over the Hamas airwaves,these photos are all Hamas leaders with holes in their heads:

I heard that earlier, that the Israelis captured the Hamas TV station.

"Turnabout propaganda" - I'm thinkin' it will be a very popular channel.

JohnWho Wrote:I heard that earlier, that the Israelis captured the Hamas TV station.

"Turnabout propaganda" - I'm thinkin' it will be a very popular channel.


Now, let them round up Reuters and CNN and finish the job.
John L Wrote:
JohnWho Wrote:I heard that earlier, that the Israelis captured the Hamas TV station.

"Turnabout propaganda" - I'm thinkin' it will be a very popular channel.


Now, let them round up Reuters and CNN and finish the job.
Why not? Israel is a totalitarian regime resembling Burma or North Korea, freedom of press has no meaning in their little country. Despite their supreme court deciding that foreign journalists must be granted access to Gaza, they don't concede.

However, there of course is a country were the law is raped more, and that's America. Do you recall the lawsuit in California(?) against the Palestinian Americans running a charity for the people in Gaza? Coupla weeks ago. What did they do? Collect money in America to pay for medicine, school books, and social services for Gaza's people. No terrorist activity or providing support for terrorists, that was even not claimed by the prosecution. They argued that providing humanitarian aid to Gaza's civilians would unburden the Hamas, and Hamas would be enabled to divert their resources to terrorist activities. The judge followed that opinion and sentenced them to prison terms. Geez, is this disgusting.

[Image: vomit.jpg]
Pot calling the kettle black.
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