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Full Version: Now for the Seemy Side of Tennessee Politics
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May 26 article on Tenn. Legislators

Looks like the ghost of Ray Blanton is still with us, eh Patrick?

I wonder how this will affect Mr. Ford as he announces his attempt to run against Frist. Actually, I think that he is making a huge mistake in that if he remains in the House, he can pretty much take the Democratic leadership there in a few years. he would be hard pressed to beat Frist, in my opinion.
I notice the Democrats took in over $88,000 and the one Republican supposedly got only $4,500. Where is his brain?

First of all,Frist is not running for re-election,so the field is wide open,it's a good time for anyone to run for senator in Tennessee in 2006.

I don't think this will harm the younger Ford myself. He's a bright boy with a wise temperment.

I wil not predict who will win in 2006 yet,not until I see the Republican nominee. Ford is a bright young man and comes over quite well on TV.

As for the levels of bribe cash,I wouldn't have risked my neck for any of them,offer me at least 1 big bill or I'll turn ya in.