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Full Version: Mengistu Sentenced to Death
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I realize he's in Zimbabwe,but he might be losing some sleep soon if his protector dies or loses the re-election campaign. The Italians are such an embarrassment:

How comes you can read the news from the civilized world?
I'm just a real worldy kinda guy,I'm shocked you hadn't noticed!
Maybe the FARC in Venezuela would take him in. Or perhaps he would be welcome in some of Mexico's drug gangs.
Palladin Wrote:I'm just a real worldy kinda guy,I'm shocked you hadn't noticed!
Mmh. Then, can you explain why he's a bad guy and according to you, the gentlemen Idi Amin, Pinochet, Reza Pahlavi and alike are not, though they comitted the same crimes.
I never have opined here on Idi Amin. I will though,he and Megistu were similar brutes. Pinochet was not remotely close,he walked away from power voluntarily. Pahlavi left you alone if you stayed out of politics,he isn't in the same league as these other 2.
Well, urinary incontinence and advancing dementia might have helped Pinochet to his 'voluntary' decision. Do you believe a single one of the gentlemen mentioned cared a lot about communism, or capitalism, or believed himself to be a main actor in the epic struggle of good vs evil? Just tools for their personal ambitions. Just being tools themselves, hired to maintain the power of the special interests.