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Full Version: I'm not making this crap up.
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If I'm not mistaken, pets can inherit fortunes in America, while they can't in Europe. Americans in their sorry state of absence of culture would do anything for money, of course. It's just Jews.
Rural Montana?

I haven't heard any of this? Especially on some of the ranchs.

I am from MT - I find it hard to believe something like this could occur.

If it happens in Missoula, then thats not Montana, per se. lol
Settled law treats animals as property. We also have laws that protect animals from being treated poorly. The combination of the two revolves around animals as a food crop. We don't eat pets in the U.S., although they are delicacies in many parts of the world. But even the food crop animals are required to be treated humanely and not tortured. Oftentimes, Inhumane treatment is uncovered and the perpetrators are punished.

At the same time, many otherwise protected species are deemed a nuisance and are killed off. The rationalization is that the problem of pests and overgrowth that dooms the entire population to famine is solved by mercy killing.

Granting an animal personhood would conflict with the evolved and settled means of dealing with them.

The lady should have gone through current laws to protect property.
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