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Full Version: Russia-Al Sadr ???
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Stratfor Wrote:Russia's Ambassador to Iraq Vladimir Chamov flew to An Najaf on June 13 for talks with radical Shiite leader Muqtada al-Sadr.

I wonder what common ground did they find... Something fishy here...
Oh I am sure that Russia would just love to be able to step in and broker some kind of agreement.
It is worth keeping one's ear to the railroad track on this one. I half expect something unusual from the dentally challenged one to be headed down the track in the near future.
My take is at a very simple level. What face-saving action is possible for Islamic extremists which could engender ratcheting down their terrorism? The internal conflicts between the Imams must be grating to them. A few extremists may claim positive results from terrorism, but even within their own jihadists cadrés, they must have those who argue that the terrorist actions are counterproductive.

Even extremists must have a few who can envision different results from different actions. If Putin can present an imaginative alternate universe in which terrorism is no longer used and the Islamacists have their egos stroked, then good for him.

Whether such an alternate event is good - depends on whether the long-term goals of Islam can be made palatable, for both Muslims and the rest of the world.
Hmmm... I don't know - it makes for very strange bedfellows indeed. Bear in mind that the Islamists aren't too fond of Russia either. Their occupation of Afghanistan is, in large part, very responsible for all this mess.
mv Wrote:Something fishy here...

It's too official to be fishy. BTW, was information confirmed?
I agree,this is weird,but I remain unwilling to view Putin as interested in boosting Islamic terrorism. I'll wait and see.

Whomever said the USSR invasion of Afghanistan started all this,I agree partially. My Russki friends blame American assistance to the Afghans,but that's like Hitler blaming Jews,IMO.