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Full Version: Bush authorizes supplying Kosovo with weapons
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Palladin Wrote:John,

I wish we could have an amicable split,but it won't happen because these leftists have invaded our homeland down south,if we ran them out,they'd come back after buying winter homes!

Not this time. Why do you think the South ensured that the overwhelming majority of military installations are located in the south? The US Military will sit this one out, or side with the sessionists. Trust me here.
As far as I know Putin recieved a letter from Bush and Putin promised to do a close conideration of it.
I wonder what are the offers?

Meanwhile Poland is trying to throw a bone in Russia's way..
Anonymous24 Wrote:
Quote: find it interesting seeing Anon and Palladin taking the same position. Of course... But with Junior running the show, don't expect much.

I pretty much oppose any kind of unnecessary military intervention or supplying arms. Palladin is the same. The disagreement is what we deem 'unnecessary'. But in this case, even if there is some advantage to arming the "Albanian exiles", it'll cause more trouble than it fixes by earning the ill-will of everyone else in the region. Besides... its none of our business.
Yes. That is correct. Why not stay out of a conflict for a change? And save US taxpayers' money for other purposes?

Arming the drug gangs in Kosovo only means that Russia sooner or later has to do the same with Kosovo Serbs. And those more or less unarmed EU police patrols will become an easy goal for both Albanians and Serbs...

Quote:Arming the drug gangs in Kosovo only means that Russia sooner or later has to do the same with Kosovo Serbs.
Why Russia?
I guess we should let European yesmen to make all the dirty job with this weapon-trade and drug-trafficking. It's them who will feel the pleasures of having Albanians so close to their noses (and veins).
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