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Full Version: Who did we whack?
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Quote:Wana Missile strike death toll rises to 20

Updated at: 1820 PST, Sunday, March 16, 2008

SOUTH WAZIRISTAN: The death toll in Wana Missile strike, the main town in the tribal district of South Waziristan, has increased to 20, the sources said.

Seven others were also injured when a missile struck a suspected militant compound in a lawless Pakistani tribal area on the Afghan border Sunday.

Residents said they heard several blasts after several missiles fired from an unknown site hit the home of a local tribesman in a village near Wana.

Foreigners linked with Taliban and Al-Qaeda militants were believed to be staying at the compound in Doog village, the residents said.

"Militants have cordoned the blast site and are taking out bodies from the rubble," one local tribesman said.

"The missile has left only part of a boundary wall intact and turned the compound into a pile of debris," he said.

"Body parts were flung into the air and were lying in nearby farmlands," he added. Pakistan's chief military spokesman major general Athar Abbas said that he had received reports about blasts, but had no details about casualties yet.

"We are trying to get more details," Abbas said.
Arabs and Uzbeks. Long arm of justice still has reach on earth it seems:

If the attack is well coordinated, and minimizes collateral damage, then it is the US or NATO. Otherwise, it is from somewhere else. Something for the Kooks to ponder about those heartless killer Americans. 8)
It's actually comforting to me to know the jerks KNOW there is nowhere on earth they can sleep and rest at ease. So do potential recruits.

Now,we have to credit the enemy when they vote,they are onto inside dope,no question they have good intell themselevs and they ought to: